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Casamera: The Bathrobe, Redefined

A rugged, ultra-cozy upgrade to leisurewear for year-round comfort.


Backers: 1023
Funding: $82,282 of $8,000 (1028% funded)
Average daily pledges: $3,918
Campaign Dates: March 17th -> May 6th (2020)
Time left: 28 days, 21 hours, 16 minutes

Closed Projects

Trigger a revival by getting this book in front of eyes!

I've spent 20+ years studying the alleged conflict between Science & Theism. Using logic and data from Science, I show it to be false.


Backers: 9
Funding: $4,370 of $4,000 (109% funded)
Campaign Dates: July 27th -> September 1st (2013)
Closed: Sunday September 1st, 2013

The ReGripper: Reclaim Your Built-In Toothbrush Holder

The ReGripper is a strong, flexible toothbrush holder that slides over almost any built-in toothbrush holder and holds any toothbrush.


Backers: 58
Funding: $1,174 of $25,000 (4% funded)
Campaign Dates: September 8th -> October 15th (2013)
Closed: Tuesday October 15th, 2013

Fine Pens from Rare Woods

Fine, handcrafted pens made from rare woods found across the globe.


Backers: 195
Funding: $13,359 of $500 (2671% funded)
Campaign Dates: September 16th -> October 16th (2013)
Closed: Wednesday October 16th, 2013

Spencer's Art House: A design laboratory and community space

A vacant funeral home turned artists' residency, design laboratory, and model for material reuse.


Backers: 140
Funding: $12,000 of $12,000 (100% funded)
Campaign Dates: September 26th -> October 19th (2013)
Closed: Saturday October 19th, 2013

Screwing Reinvented: The World's Best Deck Screw

A new, technologically innovative screw design which solves many of the age old problems related to poor screw performance.


Backers: 610
Funding: $109,926 of $100,000 (109% funded)
Campaign Dates: September 30th -> October 30th (2013)
Closed: Wednesday October 30th, 2013

Manga Reborn - 10 great manga titles released in English!

Help Manga Reborn localize and release these ten great manga titles!


Backers: 126
Funding: $7,098 of $6,000 (118% funded)
Campaign Dates: September 4th -> November 3rd (2013)
Closed: Sunday November 3rd, 2013

Larsen & Lund: elegant, upcycled leather bags & accessories.

We're launching our first collection of upcycled leather bags and accessories for men and women. Sophisticated, rugged, and made in LA.


Backers: 133
Funding: $8,535 of $4,000 (213% funded)
Campaign Dates: October 22nd -> November 21st (2013)
Closed: Thursday November 21st, 2013

ReCORK: Imagine Carbon Negative Footwear

Natural cork wine closures are collected & recycled into a ground-breaking new line of carbon negative footwear.


Backers: 217
Funding: $21,633 of $150,000 (14% funded)
Campaign Dates: October 29th -> November 28th (2013)
Closed: Thursday November 28th, 2013

Retrash - Upcycling & Sustainability for Climate Change

Join us in showcasing more than 80 international artists and creative thinkers, leading the global upcycling movement.


Backers: 151
Funding: $9,037 of $33,400 (27% funded)
Campaign Dates: November 10th -> December 10th (2013)
Closed: Tuesday December 10th, 2013

Tarot of Delphi: Know Thyself

A full 78-card tarot deck illustrated with Neoclassical fine art from the Victorian era


Backers: 246
Funding: $11,953 of $8,800 (135% funded)
Campaign Dates: November 12th -> December 12th (2013)
Closed: Thursday December 12th, 2013

Denimite: Where good jeans go when they die

Recycled denim fiber composite. Beautiful, tough, lightweight, sustainable material for architectural and consumer products.


Backers: 97
Funding: $10,036 of $10,000 (100% funded)
Campaign Dates: November 26th -> December 17th (2013)
Closed: Tuesday December 17th, 2013

Text Message: An Invisible Message only Glows in the Dark.

A New Way of Personal Expression through Dynamic Art Illustration that Glows in the Dark, Hand-print and Finish by designer Fanny Chu.


Backers: 12
Funding: $533 of $7,000 (7% funded)
Campaign Dates: November 18th -> January 3rd (2014)
Closed: Friday January 3rd, 2014

Magnetic, Upcycled iPad mini Cover

Magnets mean easy-on for quick protection, and easy-off to use your iPad mini. Made from upcycled materials.


Backers: 7
Funding: $154 of $400 (38% funded)
Campaign Dates: January 6th -> January 21st (2014)
Closed: Tuesday January 21st, 2014

Fire hose - Belt

Retired fire hoses transformed into the peace of fashion. Belt that keeps your pants up and keep our planet healthy.


Backers: 205
Funding: £6,301 of £800 (787% funded)
Campaign Dates: January 5th -> February 5th (2014)
Closed: Wednesday February 5th, 2014

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