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The Jollylook Pinhole is a DIY Bellows Camera That Takes Instax Film

August 9th
The DIY camera kit enables users to put together their own vintage bellows-style pinhole camera and take polaroid-style instant print images. It has a mechanical shutter lever to open and close the pinhole aperture. (Read More)

Leviathans: The Great War Brings Steampunk Airships Game Back to Tabletop

August 7th
Catalyst Games is bringing back the Leviathans miniatures skirmish game. Last week, the maker of BattleTech launched a Kickstarter campaign for Leviathans: The Great War, a relaunched version of the tabletop skirmish game involving massive battleship-sized airships. The Leviathans universe is set in an alternate history timeline where empires clash in the sky thanks to technology that allows ships to fly. (Read More)
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Ann Arbor couple looking to raise $15K for Tiny Robot Love Doctors game

August 6th
To play Tiny Robot Love Doctors, participants work together to swap tiles representing emotions like greed, gloom and rage with tiles representing love. Players can “delete” the negative emotions from the “Heart Drive” by arranging them in certain shapes. The game is meant for one to four players and is slated for those 14-years-old and older, although Hanna said the game is accessible for those as young as eight. (Read More)
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[COMING SOON] Joseimuke Visual Novel ‘Haunted Obachestra’ Reveals Otaku Fallen Angel Erlucia Kaketsuki

August 5th
Moonchime Studios has shared a new character profile for Haunted Obachestra. Their Twitter account revealed some info on the fallen angel Erlucia Kaketsuki. The joseimuke visual novel is developed by Poni-Pachet, and its Kickstarter is planned for a launch soon, though it missed its original estimated window of July 2022. (Read More)

[COMING SOON] Wingspan designer’s next board game is about domesticated foxes

August 4th
An upcoming board game, The Fox Experiment sees players attempting to domesticate foxes in a tabletop title inspired by real-life events. The board game is based on the Belyaev-Trut Experiment that took place in Novosibirsk, Siberia, wherein a group of scientists began to try and domesticate wild foxes by having them interact with humans, before selecting those that responded more positively for breeding. (Read More)

[COMING SOON] Endeavor: Age of Sail series is diving underwater for its latest entry

August 4th
Endeavor: Deep Sea is an upcoming board game that will be released as part of the same series as Endeavor: Age of Sail, the board game about establishing a historical shipping empire. Rather than focusing on the action taking place above water, Deep Sea is all about what’s going on beneath the waves. (Read More)

Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened remake Kickstarter now live, reveal trailer released

August 4th
Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened was released exclusively for PC back in 2006, with a remastered version arriving soon thereafter. Frogwares, the developer and publisher of the original, announced last month that they are working on a full remake and “substantial rewrite” of the game, and that it would be coming to Switch. (Read More)
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[COMING SOON] Free League is reincarnating Sweden’s first TRPG as “mirth and mayhem roleplaying” game Dragonbane

August 4th
Free League Publishing announced a new tabletop RPG at Gen Con that harkens back to the beginning of the hobby in Sweden. Dragonbane, a reimagining of the influential Drakar och Demoner, will launch a crowdfunding campaign at the end of August. (Read More)

A Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity inspired found footage RPG is coming

August 4th
Hunt for your missing friends with nothing but a camera in the found footage film inspired tabletop roleplaying game The Devil in New Jersey. As members of a garage punk band called The Berbalangs, the players will be venturing into the dark forests of the Pine Barrens in a place called Helridge on the hunt for their missing friend, Leigh Anne. (Read More)
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