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Ruins of Symbaroum blazes a trail for 5th Edition players to explore its cursed forests

April 22nd - via: dicebreaker.com
Dark Fantasy RPG Symbaroum plans to release a trio of books translating its popular setting into the 5th Edition rule set, angling the set at players familiar with tabletop roleplaying but new to its specific world. (Read More)
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Pletrix is a roll-and-write game that challenges you to play Tetris using dice

April 22nd - via: dicebreaker.com
Pletrix is set in a strange world wherein a famous video game console was lost to a band of aliens when an astronaut forgot it during a trip into outer space. After messing around with a cartridge, the aliens accidentally released the various pieces found inside the video game into the real world. (Read More)
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[COMING SOON] Next entry in the Dice Hospital board game series is one heck of a roller coaster ride

April 22nd - via: dicebreaker.com
Dice Theme Park sees one to four players launching their own collection of roller coasters and rides in the hopes of attracting the paying public through their gates. However, it’s not just the number of guests entering the park that players will need to concern themselves with, as keeping people in their amusement establishments is just as important. (Read More)

8-Bit Theater Celebrates 20 Years With A Copyright-Friendly Publication

April 22nd - via: cgmagonline.com
Clevinger announced a Kickstarter campaign for 8-Bit Theater: 20th Anniversary Complete Script Book—Do Not Sue Edition, an oversized hardcover book containing the scripts for all 1225 comic pages. The project comes after years of fan requests for a printed compendium, but Clevinger shared that printing the comic itself is impossible for two reasons—copyright issues from using sprites ripped from the original Final Fantasy and other classic games, and a technical oversight that renders the entire series unprintable in its current form. (Read More)

[COMING SOON] ‘Divine Comedy’-Inspired RPG ‘Nadir' Launching Kickstarter April 29th

April 22nd - via: bloody-disgusting.com
Shockwork Games today announced that the Kickstarter for Nadir will launch April 29th, and have released a new trailer to celebrate. Currently, Nadir is planned for a PC release via Steam and GOG, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. (Read More)

[COMING SOON] John McCrea Announces Kickstarter for Dead Eyes Art Book

April 22nd - via: cbr.com
Eisner Award-winning comic book artist John McCrea (Hitman, The Boys: Herogasm) has announced a Kickstarter campaign for The Dead Eyes Art Book, a collection of "artwork, script and bonus behind-the-scenes bits" from his and writer Gerry Duggan's Image Comics title Dead Eyes. (Read More)

You Can Finally Buy the Flatcat That Looks Like Someone Turned Roadkill Into a Robotic Pet

April 22nd - via: gizmodo.com.au
The flatcat comes at the problem of creating an interactive artificial creature from an entirely different angle. It’s still covered in fur to encourage humans to actually physically interact with it, but it looks more like a giant tapeworm that can roll itself up than a dog or a cat that can come bounding across the room. (Read More)
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New deduction game Hidden Leaders pits siblings against each other for control of the throne

April 21st - via: dicebreaker.com
Fill the empty seat and reinstate control of the island empire of Ostra, but not before clobbering your brothers and sisters in the new secret role and social deduction board game Hidden Leaders. Publisher BFF Games’ upcoming board game Hidden Leaders shoulders two to six players with the mantle of would-be emperor, if only their siblings weren’t so adamant on seizing the same prize. (Read More)
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It’s a Wonderful World spin-off takes the civilisation tabletop series on a flight of fantasy for two players

April 21st - via: dicebreaker.com
Seize the throne as one of two rival houses in It’s a Wonderful Kingdom, an upcoming spin-off to the civilisation board game that takes place in a fantasy world. Set in a crumbling empire whose previous rulers have failed to produce an obvious heir to the throne, the fantasy board game sees players taking command of one of two warring duchies in a race to become the next monarch. (Read More)
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Monster Hunter World: The Board Game Kickstarter gobbles up $1 million in less than two hours

April 21st - via: dicebreaker.com
Monster Hunter World: The Board Game is a co-op title based on the video game series that sees players seeking out enormous creatures to defeat - it is also seeing a film adaptation starring Mila Jovovich, Ron Perlman and Tony Jaa coming in June. In the board game, players can choose between a variety of different hunters, each holding a unique type of weapon, and take on one of several dangerous monsters. (Read More)

Husband and Wife Combine Their Talents for Joyful New Game, Oddfauna: Secret of the Terrabeast

April 21st - via: gamingrespawn.com
In Oddfauna: Secret of the Terrabeast, players will help Astor farm, craft and shape the world as they uncover the secret of the Terrabeast! Players take control of the multi-talented Astor. In this mysterious world, Astor will encounter all manner of strange creatures as they terraform the landscape and work together to survive. (Read More)

Skybound Brings the Razor-Sharp Wit of Mr. Lovenstein Presents: Failure to Kickstarter (Exclusive)

April 21st - via: comicbook.com
Skybound Entertainment has teamed up with J.L. Westover to bring the author's fan-favorite webcomic Mr. Lovenstein to print on Kickstarter in a new edition titled Mr. Lovenstein Presents: Failure, which will not only deliver a physical collection of the hilarious series but will also include sweet bonuses and exclusive stretch goals. There's a fun sarcastic edge to Mr. Lovenstein, perfectly suited to the overall theme of Failure, and the series makes a point to showcase how we all fail sometimes and have a laugh about it. (Read More)
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Clockwork Curandera: The Witch Owl Parliament a Latinx Frankenstein Twist

April 21st - via: themarysue.com
Clockwork Curandera: The Witch Owl Parliament Kickstarter for Volume I just so happens to be one of those projects. This story is steampunk meets fantasy and alternate history in a genre-bending graphic novel that is a retelling of Frankenstein but in colonial Mexico. (Read More)

Turn-Based RPG Lost Eidolons Announced

April 21st - via: invisioncommunity.co.uk
Ocean Drive Studio announced its first title, Lost Eidolons, will come first to PC via Steam Early Access and launched a Kickstarter campaign to support the game. Lost Eidolons is a classic, turn-based tactical RPG and the Kickstarter is an important part of the team’s “open development,” process. Backers will be welcomed to the game’s community for playtests, to share feedback and help Ocean Drive strive to make the next great title in the genre. (Read More)
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THE PRISONER Action Figures Are Perfect Cult Collectibles

April 21st - via: nerdist.com
Because it only aired for 17 episodes and all the way back in 1967, The Prisoner isn’t a show with a lot of available merchandise. Which is why fans will be excited to learn about this new toy line from Wandering Planet Toys. The company will release a set of 4-inch action figures designed with retro appeal. The figures have limited articulation and vintage-style packaging to really sell the whole ’60s toy vibe. (Read More)

Childhood friends raise money to publish book of lockdown in London

April 21st - via: swlondoner.co.uk
A furloughed bartender has been taking pictures whilst biking around during lockdown in London and has raised enough money via his Kickstarter to publish a photography book. The team of 11 managed to turn Jimmy’s captured film into a short documentary and book called ‘Keeping Metres‘. (Read More)
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ScoutPro 240 watt power bank hits Kickstarter from $129

April 21st - via: geeky-gadgets.com
ScoutPro is a new powerful power bank offering 240 watts of portable power, enclosed in a cage small enough to fit in your back pocket. Thanks to the huge power capacity the small power pack is capable of charging smart phones, laptops, tablets and more. (Read More)

GRAY: Oscar Wilde Reimagined for the 21st Century

April 20th - via: thegeekiary.com
Prodigal Entertainment, the producers behind Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, Mother of Frankenstein, and Broadway’s Jagged Little Pill, and publishers Clover Press have radically reimagined Oscar Wilde’s classic (and only) novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, in GRAY, a modern, feminist, supernatural revenge thriller. (Read More)

[COMING SOON] A new TEA DRAGON PLUSHIE is coming to Kickstarter

April 20th - via: comicsbeat.com
Like tea, dragons, and plushies? Well Oni-Lion Forge have got you covered with a Kickstarter for their yellowest, grumpiest, cutest character from Kay O’Neill’s The Tea Dragon Society series – Mountain Chamomile. Created by Kay O’Neill, the Tea Dragons are the featured characters in a trilogy of multi-award winning, fantasy graphic novels which started life as a webcomic based on a series of Kay’s own illustrations way back circa 2015. (Read More)

Warcraft creator Chris Metzen unveils his new tabletop RPG project inspired by his childhood D&D campaigns

April 20th - via: pcgamer.com
Chris Metzen is famous for helping to conceive Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo. But long before he joined Blizzard, Metzen was a dungeon master. And now the campaigns he used to run for his childhood friends in the '80s are being turned into a codified campaign and fantasy universe based off of Dungeons and Dragons' fifth edition ruleset. It's called Auroboros: Coils of the Serpent, and it's basically an alternative setting to the Forgotten Realms complete with new races, subclasses, and special magic systems. (Read More)
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Monster Hunter board game from Steamforged will now include the hunting horn and lance

April 20th - via: polygon.com
The highly anticipated crowdfunding campaign for Monster Hunter: World - The Board Game kicks off Tuesday on Kickstarter, and it will offer just a little bit more than fans had bargained for. In a news release, developer Steamforged Games announced that it would add two fan-favorite weapons to its line of products. The hunting horn and the lance will both be available as an add-on to the base game, which brings the total number of hunters up to 14. (Read More)

Kickstarter Quick Picks: 'Marvel United: X-Men'

April 20th - via: geekdad.com
Marvel United is back, true believers! But this time, it’s the Merry Marvel Mutants’ turn in the spotlight. Unsheathe those adamantium claws and fire off some optic beams as you fight the master of magnetism, Magneto, and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. (Read More)
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Vesta dual sided thermoregulating pillow provides a more restful sleep

April 20th - via: geeky-gadgets.com
Whatever your sleeping position the Vesta dual sided thermoregulating pillow can help you achieve a more restful sleep, and has been specifically designed to support a variety of sleeping positions. Consisting of three core layers, Vesta Pillow is a double-sided pillow that perfectly matches your sleep style. You can choose the level of support and contouring you desire with this ergonomically designed, multi-faceted memory foam pillow. (Read More)

[COMING SOON] Keystone: North America is the next big board game for nature lovers after Wingspan

April 20th - via: dicebreaker.com
Grow and nurture ecosystems in Keystone: North America, an upcoming board game about the importance of protecting fundamental species. Keystone: North America sees players becoming biologists attempting to build and develop new ecosystems of animals across the western continent. (Read More)

[COMING SOON] Magical Kitties Save the Day RPG is scampering back to Kickstarter next month

April 20th - via: dicebreaker.com
The family-friendly roleplaying game, Magical Kitties Save the Day, is returning to Kickstarter for another campaign later this month. Called Magical Kitties Level Up!, the Kickstarter campaign for the rules-light RPG will add some brand new elements for players to use in their storylines. (Read More)

Make A Song By Dancing: The Mictic Wearable Turns Your Movements Into Sounds

April 19th - via: techthelead.com
Do you miss the dance floor and can’t get enough of TikTok’s dancing challenges? Then this XR wearable from Mictic should be next on your list of gadgets. The Mictic turns your movements into sound, allowing you to create songs on the fly, just by moving your hands! The wristbands translate movements into sounds like electric guitar, cello or drums, and let you easily “compose” EDM, hip hop tracks, or even game music. (Read More)

AMABILIS Responder Lite Tactical Chore Jacket review – It looks tough, and it is

April 19th - via: the-gadgeteer.com
“Built for work, play and every day,” the AMABILIS Responder Lite Tactical Chore Jacket is the “First-ever tactical chore jacket.” It is made from durable fabric, has a total of 8 pockets, and is available in 4 colors. (Read More)

Kube4 waterproof, rugged, portable, wireless speaker

April 19th - via: geeky-gadgets.com
The Kube4 provides up to 40 hours of battery life enabling you to “start the party on the spot and keep it going all day and night”. The wireless speaker has a weatherproof rating of IPX5 and is equipped with passive radiators for the base and is constructed of marine grade plywood offering both wireless and Bluetooth connectivity with support for Spotify and Apple Airplay 2.0. (Read More)

mizuiro.inc's vegetable crayons are safer for children and the environment

April 19th - via: designboom.com
when japanese graphic designer naoko kimura couldn’t find a brand of crayon that was safe enough for her children to use — and put in their mouths as kids often do — she decided to make her own from discarded vegetables. a few years later, the idea led to the formation of a design studio called mizuiro.inc and a line of plant-based crayons. now, the designer turned entrepreneur is launching the zero-waste vegetable crayons on kickstarter. (Read More)

SIZZAPP next-generation bike alarm hits Kickstarter

April 19th - via: geeky-gadgets.com
Motorcyclists searching for a new way to protect their bike may be interested in a next-generation bike alarm system called the SIZZAPP, which comes complete with its own companion smartphone application enabling you to be notified when anyone tampers with your bike. Other features include real-time tracking, smart alarm notifications technical condition monitoring as well as event planning and trip sharing features. (Read More)

Friday Night Funkin' Drops Week 7

April 18th - via: techraptor.net
Friday Night Funkin', the rhythm game created as a love letter to Flash games, released a new week today. A Newgrounds timed exclusive, it features Tankman as the week's opponent. Tankman, the Newgrounds mascot, also has a couple of his goons hold Girlfriend hostage at gunpoint. It's up to Boyfriend to save them the only way he can: the power of music! (Read More)

10 Tabletop Games Releasing In 2021

April 18th - via: thegamer.com
Dinosaur World sees you attempting what we all really should have learned by now is the worst idea in history. That's right — your very own dinosaur theme park! Possibly the cutest addition to the tabletop library this year is Lizard Wizard, a game where you recruit tiny scaled magicians to become the most powerful Arch-Mage in the land. (Read More)

Empyreal: Spells & Steam is Ticket to Ride in a fantasy world, back on Kickstarter with a reprint and expansion

April 16th - via: dicebreaker.com
Empyreal sees players constructing railroads à la Ticket to Ride across a fantasy world that draws on the colourful anime-inspired artwork and shared World of Indines universe of publisher Level 99’s other games, including TCG collection simulator Millennium Blades, competitive fighting game series Exceed and BattleCON, retro video game homage Pixel Tactics, and last year’s bullet hell-inspired puzzler Bullet. (Read More)
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Time Before Time: Declan Shalvey Teases Image's Sci-Fi Crime Comic

April 16th - via: cbr.com
After co-creating acclaimed Image Comics titles including Savage Town and Bog Bodies, fan-favorite comic book creator Declan Shalvey is launching Time Before Time, a new ongoing series this May. Co-created with Rory McCanville and Joe Palmer, the creative team behind the hardboiled crime comic Write It In Blood, the new series follows a powerful crime syndicate that smuggles people back to different points in time to live out an idyllic life... for a price. (Read More)
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[COMING SOON] Making Mega Man: Code Legend Announced for North America

April 16th - via: theouterhaven.net
Artec Co. announced via Twitter that Making Mega Man: Code Legend, is coming to North America but just what is this new Mega Man title? It is a program that teaches you how to design and program you very own Mega Man game! (Read More)

Nimble automated nail painting machine colors and dries your nails salon style

April 16th - via: geeky-gadgets.com
If you would like professional salon painted nails from the comfort of your own home, you may be interested in a new automated nail painting machine aptly named the Nimble. Equipped with pioneering technology to perfectly paint and completely dry your nails in a fraction of the time it would normally take you to coat and finish your nails yourself. (Read More)

Pathfinder Comic Book Has Goblins, Exploding Brains, And Playable Content

April 16th - via: thegamer.com
It seems Pathfinder's goblin alchemist Fumbus is taking on a starring role in his own 40-page standalone comic book adventure fittingly named Pathfinder: Fumbus. While Fumbus - the "(not-so) shining example of what Goblin-kind can be" - is on center stage in this new chapter, players can expect appearances from other familiar characters like Seoni, Ezren, and a bunch more. (Read More)
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JoGo Coffee Brewing Straw

April 16th - via: hiconsumption.com
While outdoor enthusiasts are willing to sacrifice a lot of their creature comforts for the sake of a successful camping trip, a warm cup of coffee is usually non-negotiable. That being said, portable brewing setups are far from perfect solutions, as they’re often bulky, messy, or they result in an ill-tasting cup-o-joe. At least they were before the launch of the JoGo, a coffee brewing straw that makes enjoying a campsite cup easier than ever. (Read More)
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