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Kickistarter Tabletop Alert: 'Boundless Stride: Into the Denlands'

November 28th
The forest is in danger, not only with wildfires and landslides, but also howler grems intent on destruction. As new Scouts, you are charged with a mission to drive off the grems and protect your homes! (Read More)

Meet xTool's Screen Printer, The Must-Have For Innovative Home Projects

November 28th
Throughout centuries of technological development, screen printing — the ancient process of pressing ink through mesh to make a crisp printed design — has grown, changed, and been at the forefront of both home design trends and pop culture juggernauts. Though one thing has always stayed the same: it's a tedious ordeal which takes a long, long time. (Read More)

GameBook Color: The Unofficial CGB Companion hits Kickstarter goal

November 28th
Who loved the Game Boy Color? After taking the portable gaming world by storm in the early 1990s, The GameBoy started running out of steam. More powerful home consoles were arriving, and gaming experiences were beginning to expand beyond what the diminutive platform’s limited architecture could handle. (Read More)

NocFree Split Keyboard, TiSpanner Very Small Wrench Multi-software, And More

November 28th
Right now, I have some Kickstarter strategies for individuals who are interested in desk equipment, pocket equipment, and hydration resources. Let’s check them out! (Read More)

The Jollylook Eye is a Battery-Free Digital to Analog Instant Photo Printer

November 28th
Jollylook, a small team of photography enthusiasts, launched a short crowdfunding campaign for the Jollylook Eye, a vintage-styled fold-out instant printer that turns digital photos into instant prints. (Read More)


November 27th
Godkiller: The Banned Edition from Black Mask Studios is set to launch on Kickstarter tomorrow, Tuesday, November 28. The launch will unveil the sixth volume of the series “The Color You Too From Her Eyes.” (Read More)

Mot Mot Mind Launches Kickstarter Campaign for the Well-Being Planner

November 24th
Toronto, Canada, November 24, 2023 — In a world where millions of people struggle to reach their life goals, often hindered by self-limiting beliefs, Mot Mot Mind is on a mission to provide a solution. The Well-Being Planner is a practical tool, carefully crafted by a team of experienced professionals, that allows users to visualize, measure, and plan their self-growth effectively. (Read More)
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ACKS Birthright

November 23rd
Birthright is in my opinion the most awesome setting to come out of AD&D 2e’s run of boxed sets. The gods of men are dead, but their power lingers within the bloodlines of the ancient heroes. Such men — called regents — are destined to rule by right of birth, one with the land itself, and Birthright’s core assumption is that PC regents begin play with a moderately sized domain of their own. (Read More)

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