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A tale of darkness and light - by Pernilla Kannapinn

Artist Pernilla Kannapinn turns her intense acrylic paintings and her story of a fantastic journey into a book for souls of all ages.


Backers: 108
Funding: €9,454 of €9,000 (105% funded)
Campaign Dates: March 31st -> April 30th (2019)
Closed: Tuesday April 30th, 2019

The Ring:The innovative way to help you paint your hobby

Small,efficient and unique! An irreplaceable painting tool to totally change your painting game.


Backers: 496
Funding: £16,605 of £14,300 (116% funded)
Campaign Dates: April 9th -> May 9th (2019)
Closed: Thursday May 9th, 2019

Nightmare Creatures

Nightmare Creatures consists in a set of 4 miniatures made with high quality resin, inspired in our deeper terrors.


Backers: 79
Funding: €3,013 of €1,800 (167% funded)
Campaign Dates: April 24th -> May 14th (2019)
Closed: Tuesday May 14th, 2019

Goetia: Kings of Hell

An illustrated book of demons from the Ars Goetia


Backers: 401
Funding: $22,437 of $8,000 (280% funded)
Campaign Dates: May 1st -> May 31st (2019)
Closed: Friday May 31st, 2019

Starving Artists - Second Printing of the Award-Winning Hit!

The award-winning, paint-by-cube game now plays up to six players! Comes with over 52 beautiful works of art on jumbo sized cards.


Backers: 1487
Funding: $62,239 of $10,000 (622% funded)
Campaign Dates: May 8th -> June 7th (2019)
Closed: Friday June 7th, 2019

World Art By Jason Juranek

Hardback Art Collectors book with a sleeve, the paintings featured in each chapter will be 2-3 of each series that I have completed.


Backers: 463
Funding: $33,505 of $10,000 (335% funded)
Campaign Dates: July 1st -> July 31st (2019)
Closed: Wednesday July 31st, 2019

The Landscape of Adventure - QUEST to Break Kickstarter!

Original paintings based on the landscapes of the Dungeons & Dragons world, created by a professional artist and guildmaster


Backers: 33
Funding: £2,008 of £600 (334% funded)
Campaign Dates: July 15th -> August 14th (2019)
Closed: Wednesday August 14th, 2019

Glowing Galaxy Murals | Connecting You To The Cosmos

The worlds most advanced colour glow prints - imagine a mesmerising window into the universe from the comfort of your home.


Backers: 1213
Funding: $267,636 of $32,000 (836% funded)
Campaign Dates: July 3rd -> August 24th (2019)
Closed: Saturday August 24th, 2019

Stunning 75mm Resin Fantasy Miniatures

Incredibly Sculpted and Cast 75mm Resin "Femmes Fatales" Provocative Fantasy Figure Kits for Collectors and Artists


Backers: 299
Funding: $28,130 of $10,000 (281% funded)
Campaign Dates: August 13th -> August 28th (2019)
Closed: Wednesday August 28th, 2019

Fay's Tree Art Calendar 2020

An A3 wall calendar featuring my paintings for Fay's Tree


Backers: 23
Funding: £726 of £500 (145% funded)
Campaign Dates: August 1st -> August 31st (2019)
Closed: Saturday August 31st, 2019

GHOST DRY BRUSH: Paint Brush Set For Miniature Painters

A paint brush set for miniatures that gamers can afford!


Backers: 3368
Funding: $179,311 of $1,000 (17931% funded)
Campaign Dates: January 17th -> February 14th (2020)
Closed: Friday February 14th, 2020

DropTop by DrTabletop

A dropper top adapter for Citadel© model paints. The answer to making great paints more user-friendly, efficient and less messy!


Backers: 2460
Funding: $174,068 of $39,997 (435% funded)
Campaign Dates: December 30th -> February 27th (2020)
Closed: Thursday February 27th, 2020

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