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B-25 Bomber "Sandbar Mitchell" Rescue from Alaska

A 30-year old Michigan man is organizing an effort to rescue a crashed B-25 from Alaska. He plans to restore and fly it again.


Backers: 402
Funding: $27,154 of $20,000 (135% funded)
Campaign Dates: May 5th -> June 10th (2013)
Closed: Monday June 10th, 2013

Women Combat Pilots of WWII

In WWII only the Soviet air force put women in combat. If they fell into German hands the consequences were too awful to think about.


Backers: 328
Funding: £5,142 of £3,200 (160% funded)
Campaign Dates: July 18th -> August 17th (2013)
Closed: Saturday August 17th, 2013


Play the diabolical Axis or the stalwart Allies in the 2nd edition of this critically acclaimed board game. Welcome to the Grindhouse.


Backers: 934
Funding: $208,576 of $75,000 (278% funded)
Campaign Dates: July 31st -> August 30th (2013)
Closed: Friday August 30th, 2013

Paranautical Activity - Old School FPS meets Roguelike

Bringing classic FPS action from Doom & Quake with randomness of roguelikes like Isaac & Spelunky to Windows, Mac, and Linux


Backers: 897
Funding: $12,540 of $10,000 (125% funded)
Campaign Dates: August 4th -> September 3rd (2013)
Closed: Tuesday September 3rd, 2013

"World War II: TCG" Digital Card Game

"World War II: TCG" is a free-to-play multiplatform digital card game inspired by the Second World War historic events.


Backers: 199
Funding: $18,001 of $15,000 (120% funded)
Campaign Dates: August 5th -> September 4th (2013)
Closed: Wednesday September 4th, 2013


An alternate history game of the Axis invasion of the U.S. Features 200 beautiful minis compatible with many games. For 2-3 players.


Backers: 193
Funding: $22,473 of $33,000 (68% funded)
Campaign Dates: August 7th -> September 14th (2013)
Closed: Saturday September 14th, 2013

DCS WWII: Europe 1944

Welcome to DCS WWII: Europe 1944, the start of an exciting new flight simulation series!


Backers: 2553
Funding: $158,897 of $100,000 (158% funded)
Campaign Dates: September 5th -> October 5th (2013)
Closed: Saturday October 5th, 2013

Winter War Wargaming Miniatures

Range of 28mm miniatures for The Winter War between Finland and Soviet Russia of 1939-1940


Backers: 428
Funding: £57,021 of £3,000 (1900% funded)
Campaign Dates: September 8th -> October 8th (2013)
Closed: Tuesday October 8th, 2013

1A's Next Wave/Tide of Iron core set & Stalingrad expansion

Help us launch the NEXT WAVE of Tide of Iron – new quick-start core set – plus you can get the Stalingrad expansion with extra stuff!


Backers: 272
Funding: $25,490 of $22,000 (115% funded)
Campaign Dates: October 18th -> November 26th (2013)
Closed: Tuesday November 26th, 2013

AMERIKA Board Game: Reboot (WW2 Alternate History)

One-of-a-kind miniatures fight an alternate history battle for victory in 1946. Reboot features professional map and player aides!


Backers: 267
Funding: $47,936 of $27,250 (175% funded)
Campaign Dates: November 27th -> December 22nd (2013)
Closed: Sunday December 22nd, 2013

My Little Dictator: A Battle-Visual Novel

A romantic-comedy battle visual novel set in fictional WW2 Europe. Featuring RPG battles, map systems and plenty of light-hearted fun.


Backers: 202
Funding: £8,000 of £5,000 (160% funded)
Campaign Dates: December 5th -> January 4th (2014)
Closed: Saturday January 4th, 2014

ColourBlind Playing Cards

This is not your average deck of playing cards. It's minimalist in the extreme. It's fully custom, fully original, and fully creative.


Backers: 184
Funding: $6,291 of $20,000 (31% funded)
Campaign Dates: December 7th -> January 16th (2014)
Closed: Thursday January 16th, 2014

Blueberries - The Movie: a short film

A period piece, live-action, short-film drama inspired by a true story of award-winning author Katherine Patterson.


Backers: 61
Funding: $47,011 of $47,000 (100% funded)
Campaign Dates: December 12th -> January 18th (2014)
Closed: Saturday January 18th, 2014

Doggie Diner Makeover

Help us restore some of the last Doggie Diner heads—a symbol of SF's scrappy, can-do spirit during the post WWII era & beyond


Backers: 818
Funding: $51,436 of $48,000 (107% funded)
Campaign Dates: January 7th -> February 8th (2014)
Closed: Saturday February 8th, 2014

Russo/Finn Winter War 28mm Scale Tanks!

A fantastic little 28mm scale tank fully painted, available with Hotchkiss MG or 37mm cannon to bolster your Finnish Army forces!


Backers: 67
Funding: £3,247 of £7,500 (43% funded)
Campaign Dates: January 21st -> February 20th (2014)
Closed: Thursday February 20th, 2014

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