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Cape Verde – the Paradise in the Atlantic

I want to make a documentery out of an chater tourist perspective of Carpe Verde


Backers: 1
Funding: kr9 of kr260,000 (0% funded)
Average daily pledges: kr0
Campaign Dates: March 28th -> May 27th (2019)
Time left: 35 days, 14 hours, 10 minutes

Juju: The Web Series

With the struggles of adulting looming over their heads, life gets more complicated when three best friends discover they are witches.


Backers: 33
Funding: $1,718 of $20,000 (8% funded)
Average daily pledges: $245
Campaign Dates: April 15th -> May 31st (2019)
Time left: 40 days, 3 hours, 51 minutes

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