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[COMING SOON] Benro launches the Theta: World’s first auto-leveling tripod

January 31st
Chinese camera accessory maker Benro has announced the Theta, a travel-sized tripod that features a battery-powered “one-key auto-levelling” system that can extend, retract and then lock each of its motorised legs to be perfectly level. (Read More)

[COMING SOON] Death Corp: A New Point & Click Adventure - Kickstarting soon

January 30th
In Death Corp., players will embark on a journey as the young intern for Death's company, tasked with harvesting the souls of the recently deceased. The game promises to be a wild ride filled with dark humor, fantastical characters, and a story divided into self-contained chapters with references to classic films, books, pop culture, and point-and-click games. (Read More)

LaserPecker 4 laser engraver passes $3 million

January 30th
The dual laser engraver has been designed for hobbyists, crafts and makers and features both a 10W 450nm Laser together with a 2W 1064nm Laser allowing you to engrave almost any material available. Capable of high engraving speeds the desktop laser engraver comes complete with its own companion application and can engrave on in regular surfaces and cylinders and offers a large engraving area of 160 x 300 mm. (Read More)

Blind Spot Announces The Power Junkie V2. With PD Power

January 30th
Blindspot has been gathering feedback over the last several years on what the Power Junkie is used for and, more importantly, how people want to use it. A lot of the info they received is now present in the V2 of the Power Junkie. The new version is up on Kickstarter and retails for $89. (Read More)

Bad Time Records documentary/concert film ‘This Is New Tone’ coming (Kickstarter launched)

January 30th
Ska label Bad Time Records have announced a new concert film and documentary, This Is New Tone, which will follow the upcoming Bad Time Records tour that also features multiple interviews and documents the recent ska renaissance that Bad Time has been at the center of. (Read More)
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Rarebird addresses mental health with Kickstarter campaign for coffee

January 30th
Rarebird is in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign to fund its coffee alternative aimed at “supporting mental wellness.” The Rarebird brew replaces caffeine with the metabolite paraxanthine (PX). PX potentially increases alertness in individuals without the anxiety sometimes associated with caffeine. (Read More)
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[COMING SOON] Back O' Beyond: Tales Of Blood & Salt To Crowdfund In Q1 2023

January 29th
The game is designed to take you back to the golden age of piracy as you and up to three other players will sail the seas trying to become the most infamous pirate of them all. (Read More)

[COMING SOON] New Chao-Inspired Poglings Coming to Kickstarter this Spring

January 28th
One such personality is Chadtronic, who alongside Yojoyco Studios and Right Nice Games is introducing Poglings as a title inspired by both Chao care and Animal Crossing. While we haven’t seen any gameplay for Poglings just yet the upcoming Kickstarter is planned to launch in Spring and hopefully it’s what players may have been looking for. (Read More)

Kickstarters Launch for JETRO Collaboration Anime for Studios Ekura Animal, Gorilla, Picona

January 28th
The five total Kickstarter campaigns for the collaboration anime between five anime studios and JETRO (the Japan External Trade Organization) launched earlier this month. All five campaigns end on February 13 at 12:00 p.m. JST (February 12 at 10:00 p.m. EST). (Read More)

Isle of Wight musician Ben Stubbs prepares to record debut album

January 28th
ISLE of Wight musician, Ben Stubbs, says rehearsals are in full flow as he prepares to hit the studio to record his debut album. A Kickstarter campaign to fund the upcoming release was a roaring success, raising £1,000 more than its £6,000 target. Off the back of the fundraiser, Ben and his band were able to book studio time with Empire Sound in Newport. (Read More)
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A device that will help you work with audio at a professional level

January 28th
In this way, it save time checking cables and connectors, isolating external noise, and other technical complexities that can be given by integrating a sound mixer, a sound card, a voice changer and a sound effects board into the same device. (Read More)

VS-01 upright vinyl record player $599

January 27th
If you enjoy listening to vinyl records you might be interested in a new record player in the form of the VS-01 which has launched by Kickstarter this month. Equipped with a Ortofon MM OM 5E stylus head the upright turntable design features Bluetooth connectivity, adjustable needle pressure, a carbon fibre tonearm and supports both 33.3 and 45 rpm speeds. (Read More)

VOXART Click-Tile Construction Set Combines Minecraft with LEGO, But in the Real World

January 27th
Designs are easy to create, thanks to quadrolock, whether it be original toys or home decor like pixel art-style artwork. Each tile is nearly weightless, so you’ll be able to create large designs that can easily be transported. The tiles you get are not locked to a particular set or design, as you have to option of reassmbling them into new art. (Read More)

Four Corners, a living puzzle game, is now live on Kickstarter

January 26th
Four Corners, a new living puzzle game from Calliope Games which uses the Tip-Pivot board from Tsuro: Phoenix Rising, is now live on Kickstarter. Four Corners will be available in two distinct themes: Galaxy and Kaleidoscope. (Read More)
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