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[COMING SOON] Green Ronin Announces Kickstarter For New CTHULHU AWAKENS TTRPG

January 26th - via:
The Lovecraftian cosmic horror genre has many amazing avenues to explore, and now Green Ronin is creating their own version to use with their Adventure Game Engine (AGE) system, specifically their Modern AGE. Cthulhu Awakens will allow players to easily play in any time between the 1920s and today in what they call the “Weird Century”. (Read More)

Shark Stop wetsuit designed to thwart great whites

January 25th - via:
Back in 2019, we heard how scientists at Australia's Flinders University were developing a lightweight material that might someday be used in shark-bite-resistant wetsuits. Well, that day has arrived, and such a suit is now on Kickstarter. (Read More)
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Invader Comics emerges from 215 Ink with a Kickstarter and more

January 25th - via:
As all the disruption in the comics industry distribution system has taken place, it’s affected the biggest companies – but also the smaller ones. For instance, Invader Comics, a new indie publisher is evolving out of 215 Ink to take advantage of the many new distribution channels available. (Read More)
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We dare you to game on this tiny 32:9 ultrawide monitor

January 25th - via:
The Lukos Kickstarter video says that the ultrawide 4K monitor can act as the “visual centerpiece of your desktop,” by acting as a hub for running video games, watching movies, and editing media. It’s a pretty small display, but it could be the perfect complement to your main monitor by displaying additional info like hardware performance, trading charts, or spreadsheets. (Read More)

Macro photographer launches book Kickstarter

January 25th - via:
Macro photography refers to photographing subjects at high magnifications. Foster, who is also a Cape Gazette photographer and photo editor, captures his images using a regular camera outfitted with macro lenses, tubes and diopters, and shoots mirrorless in full frame using manual mode and manual focus lenses. (Read More)

Tome of Beasts 3 Kickstarter Live, Two New Dungeons & Dragons Monsters Revealed

January 24th - via:
Earlier today, Kobold Press launched the Kickstarter for the third volume of their popular Tome of Beasts series. Tome of Beasts 3 will include over 400 new monster statblocks that can be used in any Fifth Edition campaign, with a wide array of fantastic and dangerous foes. (Read More)

G-Case Aims at Making the Nintendo Switch More Convenient for Gaming on the Go

January 24th - via:
The G-Case by Plenbo is aimed to be the "all-in-one" solution for those that play their Switch primarily in handheld mode. Outside of adding additional protection to the back of the console, the G-Case includes a 5000mAh battery pack that provides up to 5 hours of additional battery life and the option to detach the battery pack and use it to charge other devices such as your smartphone or a tablet. (Read More)

[COMING SOON] Classic MMO RuneScape is getting a board game and tabletop RPG

January 24th - via:
The popular online multiplayer game, which celebrated its 20th anniversary last year and has also seen a release on mobile, will be turned into a board game and TRPG by Steamforged, the tabletop publisher behind adaptations of video games including Dark Souls, Resident Evil, Horizon Zero Dawn and Monster Hunter World. (Read More)

Curse of Rasuman: The Story of Archibaldo befalls Kickstarter

January 23rd - via:
Saruman the White may have been defeated for good in The Lord of the Rings, but still on the prowl is the titular antagonist of Curse of Rasuman, an upcoming new comedic fantasy adventure saga from indie developer Choloco, whose series debut, The Story of Archibaldo, is currently raising funding through Kickstarter. (Read More)

CIYCE Evolution Type-C USB Bluetooth5.1 wireless gaming headset kickstarter

January 23rd - via:
2 Comments TEXT BY Ambrose Leung SHARE THIS ARTICLE Link Share Email Send More CIYCE has just released its affordable gaming headset on Kickstarter. The 7.1-surround sound Evolution headset features 30 ms latency, is compatible with smartphones, the Sony PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Mac/PC, has active noise canceling, and is the world’s first headset that can connect via three methods — Type-C + USB, 3.5mm, and Bluetooth5.1. (Read More)

Mercury Abbey taking collections on Kickstarter

January 22nd - via:
Spending time in an abbey may not be anyone's idea of a fun time, but it's a whole different story when it's the Mercury Abbey, the titular location of an upcoming new pixel art adventure that is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. (Read More)

Stonewall 1969 - A War Story is an RPG about the history of LGBTQIA+ rights

January 21st - via:
Tell stories in the run-up to the historical riots that made LGBTQIA+ rights heard in Stonewall 1969 - A War Story, an upcoming roleplaying game. Stonewall 1969 is set in the lead up to the Stonewall Riots, an event that saw members of the LGBTQIA+ community in 1960s New York revolt against police violence and oppression (Read More)
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[COMING SOON] Battle Royale and PUBG inspired this horror sci-fi tabletop RPG

January 21st - via:
After a routine two weeks of cryosleep, the players in The Bloodfields at Blackstar Station are awoken in a destination they don’t recognise, in the custody of people they don’t know. During the horror RPG, the player characters become pawns in the twisted games played by the owners of the space station they’re trapped inside, forced to participate in a gladiatorial arena that could end in everyone’s demise - unless they can find a way out. (Read More)

Compact wireless stereo waterproof speaker

January 21st - via:
DUVOSS is a lightweight, waterproof Bluetooth speaker designed to provide “incredible acoustics” and can be paired with another DUVOSS to provide true while stereo sound. The small pocket sized Bluetooth speaker is certified IP67 waterproof and dust resistant and on the full charge is capable of providing up to 8 hours of playback. (Read More)

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