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Ends Tomorrow

ATX2AT Smart Converter - Protect your retro-hardware !

An advanced ATX to AT PSU Converter, designed to replace old power supplies & fully protect retro-computers from catastrophic failures.


Backers: 154
Funding: €8,549 of €1,000 (854% funded)
Average daily pledges: €407
Campaign Dates: November 25th -> December 16th (2019)
Time left: 0 days, 14 hours, 57 minutes

Ends Wednesday

Ice Mouse: a breathable bamboo mouse with a natural touch

A mouse was designed for ventilation, with the unique natural beauty and relaxing comfort of artistically sculpted wood


Backers: 162
Funding: HK$94,195 of HK$39,192 (240% funded)
Average daily pledges: HK$2,415
Campaign Dates: November 7th -> December 17th (2019)
Time left: 1 days, 13 hours, 3 minutes

Ends after Wednesday

Sky Haven: Airport Tycoon Simulator for PC

Build and develop an airport managing dozens of planes and vehicles through years from the dawn of aviation to the future.


Backers: 857
Funding: $41,991 of $40,000 (104% funded)
Average daily pledges: $1,024
Campaign Dates: November 5th -> December 20th (2019)
Time left: 4 days, 10 hours, 38 minutes

Ends a week from now

MJOLNIR: The minimalistic – but not boring – PC Case

Featuring a compact high-end design with wide hardware support — create anything from an epic gaming rig to a powerful workstation.


Backers: 518
Funding: kr2,053,325 of kr585,000 (350% funded)
Average daily pledges: kr102,666
Campaign Dates: November 26th -> December 26th (2019)
Time left: 10 days, 11 hours, 57 minutes

Desklab Ultralight Portable 4K Touchscreen Monitor

Brilliant 4k monitor for work, travel and gaming. 1.3 lb, universal compatibility, built-in speakers


Backers: 1531
Funding: HK$3,725,456 of HK$40,000 (9313% funded)
Average daily pledges: HK$77,614
Campaign Dates: October 29th -> December 28th (2019)
Time left: 12 days, 13 hours, 55 minutes

Ends more than three weeks from now

Bullet SSD: Tiny & High Speed Drive - Fits On Your Key-Chain

1TB & 2TB capacity, 500MB/s Read & Write Speed, Weighs 18g, IP67, Works with MACs, PCs, Cameras, Tablets/Phones, for Everyday Carry EDC


Backers: 1421
Funding: HK$1,559,589 of HK$50,000 (3119% funded)
Average daily pledges: HK$82,084
Campaign Dates: November 27th -> January 24th (2020)
Time left: 39 days, 11 hours, 42 minutes

Closed Projects

UFHO2 - A Turn-based Strategy Game

UFHO2 is a turn-based strategy game that will bend your mind while you're trying to outwit your opponent in an hexagonal maze.


Backers: 316
Funding: $10,872 of $10,000 (108% funded)
Campaign Dates: December 13th -> December 31st (1969)
Closed: Wednesday December 31st, 1969

Divinuet: a musical tarot reading game



Backers: 73
Funding: $1,649 of $5,500 (29% funded)
Closed: Wednesday December 31st, 1969

DROPSY: A different take on the old school adventure genre.

Dropsy is an adventure game with a focus on exploration, emotion, and surrealism. Made complete with a hint of early 90's nostalgia.


Backers: 63
Funding: $1,613 of $225 (716% funded)
Campaign Dates: October 17th -> November 2nd (2011)
Closed: Wednesday November 2nd, 2011

Double Fine Adventure

An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!


Backers: 87111
Funding: $3,334,203 of $400,000 (833% funded)
Campaign Dates: February 8th -> March 13th (2012)
Closed: Tuesday March 13th, 2012

Shadowrun Returns

Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.


Backers: 36276
Funding: $1,836,447 of $400,000 (459% funded)
Campaign Dates: April 4th -> April 29th (2012)
Closed: Sunday April 29th, 2012

Republique by Camouflaj + Logan

An epic game written and designed specifically for mobile, directed by Ryan Payton (Camouflaj) & Alexei Tylevich (Logan).


Backers: 11609
Funding: $555,512 of $500,000 (111% funded)
Campaign Dates: April 10th -> May 11th (2012)
Closed: Friday May 11th, 2012

Legends of Eisenwald

Enter the world of Eisenwald in this RPG with turn-based battles and experience medieval romanticism and adventure.


Backers: 2728
Funding: $83,562 of $50,000 (167% funded)
Campaign Dates: April 21st -> May 22nd (2012)
Closed: Tuesday May 22nd, 2012

Kinetic Void

Kinetic Void is a Science Fiction Space Sandbox for PC and MAC, which focuses on procedural content, and detailed customization.


Backers: 2517
Funding: $66,528 of $60,000 (110% funded)
Campaign Dates: April 30th -> May 30th (2012)
Closed: Wednesday May 30th, 2012

HeXit - point and click sci-fi adventure game

A point and click sci-fi adventure game with pre-rendered, atmospheric environment and cutscenes.


Backers: 912
Funding: $22,959 of $75,000 (30% funded)
Campaign Dates: June 5th -> July 10th (2012)
Closed: Tuesday July 10th, 2012

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