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The World of Warcraft Diary

What did it really take to make World of Warcraft? The game's first 3D level designer reveals the ugly, crazy world of making games.


Backers: 8378
Funding: $598,969 of $10,000 (5989% funded)
Campaign Dates: August 28th -> September 25th (2018)
Closed: Tuesday September 25th, 2018


Sucked into a strange book, go to the Adventure in the world of Manoska and prevent Bagoas from changing the course of history!


Backers: 10
Funding: €138 of €10,000 (1% funded)
Campaign Dates: October 22nd -> November 21st (2018)
Closed: Wednesday November 21st, 2018

The Lawless Online - Old West MMO Game

The Lawless Online is brand new multiplayer only, Role Playing Strategy set in the Old West


Backers: 4
Funding: MX$2,419 of MX$50,000 (4% funded)
Campaign Dates: January 25th -> February 9th (2019)
Closed: Saturday February 9th, 2019


Oath is a new action combat, sandbox MMORPG from Ready-Up Studios! Watch our video below to learn more.


Backers: 971
Funding: $67,749 of $35,000 (193% funded)
Campaign Dates: April 2nd -> May 2nd (2019)
Closed: Thursday May 2nd, 2019

Ends a week from now

Transformice Adventures

A colorful multiplayer action RPG full of mice and dungeons! A new adventure in the world of Transformice on PC, Mac and Linux.


Backers: 938
Funding: €40,260 of €100,000 (40% funded)
Campaign Dates: May 7th -> June 7th (2019)
Closed: Friday June 7th, 2019

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