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The Rubu Adventure Kit

An augmented reality adventure game that turns screen-time into creative, hands-on play. For ages 5+


Backers: 58
Funding: $3,386 of $13,648 (24% funded)
Campaign Dates: March 21st -> May 20th (2019)
Closed: Monday May 20th, 2019

BoltHub: World’s first invisible USB-C Hub for iPad Pro

USB 3.1 (5Gb/s), 4K HDMI, 3.5mm headphone, Micro/SD card readers and USB-C passthrough charge to iPad Pro @ 10W min


Backers: 1730
Funding: $109,982 of $1,000 (10998% funded)
Campaign Dates: May 29th -> June 13th (2019)
Closed: Thursday June 13th, 2019


The world's first desktop docking station designed for iPad Pro. Easily switch between office, design, or illustration work in a snap.


Backers: 915
Funding: $102,336 of $8,000 (1279% funded)
Campaign Dates: July 23rd -> August 22nd (2019)
Closed: Thursday August 22nd, 2019

Sketchboard Pro: iPad Stand for Artists

Drawing digitally has never felt more comfortable or like drawing on paper.


Backers: 1477
Funding: $112,406 of $90,000 (124% funded)
Campaign Dates: October 2nd -> November 1st (2019)
Closed: Friday November 1st, 2019

Libra, Turns Your iPad Pro into a MacBook

World's first keyboard with trackpad, backlit and function keys to give iPad Pro a MacBook-like experience. Perfectly matches iPadOS.


Backers: 2092
Funding: $269,076 of $10,000 (2690% funded)
Campaign Dates: September 24th -> November 8th (2019)
Closed: Friday November 8th, 2019

Just Simple Power Bank - Charge All Your Devices Anywhere

World’s most convenient Fast Charging power bank that wirelessly and wiredly charge All Your Devices - up to 5 devices at the same time


Backers: 953
Funding: $89,195 of $20,000 (445% funded)
Campaign Dates: October 22nd -> November 22nd (2019)
Closed: Friday November 22nd, 2019

PhoneBook: Turn ANY Smartphone into a Laptop Computer

A plug-in-and-play device that can turn ANY smartphone into a 15.6” touchscreen laptop in seconds


Backers: 2203
Funding: $474,798 of $37,500 (1266% funded)
Campaign Dates: October 28th -> November 27th (2019)
Closed: Wednesday November 27th, 2019

HyperDisk: The Smallest and Fastest Portable SSD

A 45g and pocket-sized Portable SSD with up to 1,000 MB/s read/write speed, compatible with your phones, pads, MACs and PCs.


Backers: 3224
Funding: HK$4,720,986 of HK$78,433 (6019% funded)
Campaign Dates: October 22nd -> December 6th (2019)
Closed: Friday December 6th, 2019

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